The Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT is supported by a combination of public funding from the US Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation and other organizations, and private funding from foundations and individuals.

Private funding plays an increasingly large role in supporting fundamental long-term research in theoretical physics. Contributions from organizations and individuals to the CTP and MIT's physics department play a key role in supporting the work and careers of outstanding young faculty, students and postdocs at the CTP.

For information about supporting the people and research activities at the CTP, please contact Erin McGrath at 617-452-2807 or

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These funds are used to support all aspects of the work in the CTP, and in particular to support the research of graduate students and junior faculty

To contribute to the Arthur Kerman Fellowship Fund, click here.
These funds support fellowships in the Physics Department, with a preference for fellows conducting research in Theoretical Physics. This endowed Fellowship is in honor of Emeritus Professor Arthur Kerman.

For other funding opportunities in the Department of Physics, click here.

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