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String/Gravity Theory Seminar Spring 2019

Organizers: Daniel Harlow, Hong Liu, Lampros Lamprou

Wednesday at 3pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442



February 6

Conformally soft photons and gravitons

Laura Donnay, Harvard


February 13

Holographic Entropy Cone for AdS3/CFT2 with Time Dependence

Bartek Czech, Tsinghua University


February 20

dS holography and T\bar T

Eva Silverstein, Stanford


February 27

Discrete Gauge Symmetries, Naturalness, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture

Isabel Garcia Garcia, KITP


March 6

Anomaly Inflow for M5-branes wrapping a Riemann Surface

Ibou Bah, Johns Hopkins


March 13

Moduli, integrability and WZW models in AdS3/CFT2

Bogdan Stefanski, City, University of London


March 20

Twisting with a flip

Guido Festuccia, Uppsala University


April 3

Soft modes from black hole microstates

Onkar Parrikar, U Penn


April 10

Cosmic Censorship and Black Hole collisions in Hi D

Roberto Emparan, ICREA, Universitat de Barcelona


April 17

Entanglement Wedge Reconstruction and the Information Paradox

Geoff Penington


April 25, Joint Seminar at Harvard (Thursday)

How to build a wormhole (How to prepare the thermofield double state)

Ben Freivogel , University of Amsterdam


May 1

Modular Invariance, Tauberian Theorems, and Microcanonical Entropy

Baur Mukhametzhanov


May 8

Evaporating Wormholes

Ahmed Almheiri , (IAS)