Nuclear and Particle Theory Seminar Fall SEMESTER


Mondays, 2:00pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics,

Organizers: Daniel Hackett, Phiala Shanahan, Katelin Schutz, Jesse Thaler, Varun Vaidya


Monday, September 14th

CTP Fall welcome back social hour


Monday, September 21st at 1pm*

Gravity from the ultraviolet

Simon Caron-Huot, Mc Gill University


Monday, September 28th

 “The Black Hole Information Paradox: A Resolution on the Horizon?” 

Netta Engelhardt, MIT-CTP


Monday, October 5th

``Towards Quantum Simulating Non-Abelian Lattice Gauge Theories"

Indrakshi Raychowdhury, University of Maryland


Monday, October 12th



Monday, October 19th

 "A transverse momentum differential global analysis of Heavy Ion Collisions"

Govert Nijs, MIT-CTP


Monday, October 26th

`` Challenges in modern neutrino oscillation experiments"

Shirley Li, SLAC


Monday, November 2nd
"Early Cannibal Domination and the Matter Power Spectrum"

Jessie Shelton, University of Illinois


Monday, November 9th

``Lepton number violation in nuclear physics"

Jordy de Vries, UMass, Amherst


Monday, November 16th

``Revisiting the concept of relativistic charge distribution"

Cédric Lorcé, Ecole Polytechnique


Monday, November 23rd



Monday, November 30th

``Tackling Open Questions of the Standard Model from Lattice Gauge Theory to Cosmology"

Lena Funcke, Perimeter Institute


Monday, December 3rd




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