Nuclear and Particle Theory Seminar SPRING SEMESTER


Mondays, 2:00PM

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers:Iain Stewart,Phiala Shanahan, Rebecca Leane, Michael Wagman and Yong Zhao


Monday, February 11th

"Elliptic polylogarithms in quantum field theory"

Falko Dulat, SLAC


Monday February 18th Presidents' Day Holiday No seminar


Tuesday, February 19th, Joint seminar to be held at Harvard 256 Jefferson, 17 Oxford St. Cambridge at 2:00PM. Refreshment 4th floor Room 472.

``B-modes from the Early Universe and the Milky Way"

Raphael Flauger, UCSD


Monday, February 25th

"Symmetries and interactions: what can lattice QCD teach us beyond the Standard Model"

Amy Nicholson, UNC


Monday, March 4th

``Are high-energy showers in quark-gluon plasmas
weakly-coupled or strongly-coupled?: Progress towards a
theorists' test."

Peter Arnold, University of Virginia


Monday March 11th

``The Entropy of QCD scattering processes"

Duff Neill, LANLs


Monday March 18th

``1 -> 2 transition amplitudes from lattice QCD"

Stefan Meinel, University of Arizona


Monday March 25th Spring Break no seminar


Monday, April 1st

"Exploring the QGP evolution: one step closer"

Liliana Apolinario, LIP


Monday, April 8th

``The Role of Hadron Structure in Nuclear Physics: Finite Nuclei to Neutron Stars"

Anthony Thomas, University of Adelaide


Tuesday, April 9th 4:15pm Joint Seminar with Harvard held at MIT-CTP

``Dark matter and baryogenesis from B mesons"

Ann Nelson, U Washington


Monday, April 15th Patriots' Day no seminar


Monday, April 22nd

``Gas Clouds as Dark Matter Detectors"

Joseph Bramante, Queens U and Perimeter


Monday, April 29th

``Frontiers in Lattice Nucleon Structure"

Huey-Wen Lin, Michigan State University


Monday, May 6th

“Collinear expansions for hadron collider processes”.

Bernhard Mistlberger, MIT


Monday, May 13th

"Quark transverse dynamics and orbital angular momentum from Lattice QCD"

Michael Engelhardt, New Mexico State University