Graduate Student Lunch Club

When & Where

The CTP Lunch Club meets at 12pm in the CTP Cosman seminar room every Friday (provided that there are sufficient speakers). A light lunch will be provided (usually pizza, however some other options may be explored).

About the Seminar

The seminars are designed for graduate students and should be accessible to all students. First year students are particularly encouraged to attend so that they may learn about research being performed in the CTP.

Email notification of the club will be sent to the ctp-all, ctp-postdocs and ctp-students email lists as appropriate. If you wish to speak, or have suggestions about speakers and/or possible workshop topics, please contact the organizers, Nikhil Raghuram at srivat91-at-mit[dot]edu or Chih-Liang Wu at cliang-at-mit[dot]edu.

  • February 10, 12pm
    Aditya Pathak

    Precision Top Mass Determination at the LHC with Jet Grooming

    Top mass is one of the most important Standard Model parameters that is being measured at the LHC. The measurement is currently limited by O(1 GeV) theory uncertainty due to our inability to precisely specify mass scheme for the top mass parameter built in the Monte Carlo simulations used at the LHC. We show how the top mass can be extracted kinematically using cross sections for event shapes observables calculated using effective field theory methods. With the help of Soft Drop grooming to the level that does not disturb the radiation that can modify the top mass definition, while still isolating the top jet, we obtain a distribution that is only mildly sensitive to the underlying event and initial state radiation. The data from LHC for top jets can thus be made to look very similar to e+e- collisions. We derive, for the first time, an effective theory analysis for Soft Drop groomed top jets.

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