Graduate Student Lunch Club Fall 2017

When & Where

The CTP Lunch Club meets at 12noon in the CTP Cosman seminar room every Friday (provided that there are sufficient speakers). A light lunch will be provided (usually pizza, however some other options may be explored).

About the Seminar

The seminars are designed for graduate students and should be accessible to all students. First year students are particularly encouraged to attend so that they may learn about research being performed in the CTP.

Email notification of the club will be sent to the ctp-all, ctp-postdocs and ctp-students email lists as appropriate. If you wish to speak, or have suggestions about speakers and/or possible workshop topics, please contact the organizers: Sarah Geller, Yu-Chien Huang and Vita Gherardo.

  • February 16, 12pm
    Anand Natarajan

    Testing many entangled qubits

    Soon we may have quantum computers, but how will we know that they're working correctly? One tool that could help answer this question is self-testing: using a large violation of a Bell inequality to verify entanglement between two spatially separated quantum devices. Remarkably, such tests can certify a specific target state without the need to make any assumptions on the internals of the devices. In this talk I will explain the basic idea behind self-testing and its connection to the problem of rigidity of approximate representations of groups. Time permitting, I'll also discuss recent progress towards more efficient self-tests, inspired by the proof of the PCP theorem from computational complexity theory.

    Based on joint works with Thomas Vidick (Caltech) and Matthew Coudron (MIT)

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