String Seminar

Wednesday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: Hanany, Taylor, Tong



SPRING 2003 Schedule of Talks

January 29, 2003 The Roll of the Noncommutative Tachyon
  Johannes Walcher
February 5, 2003 Gauge Theory Description of String Interactions in a PP-Wave
  Jaume Gomis
  California Institute of Technology
February 12, 2003 The Challenging Cosmic Singularity
  Hong Liu
  Rutgers University
February 19, 2003 Solving matrix models using holomorphy
  David Berenstein
  Institute for Advanced Studies
February 26, 2003 A Moduli Fixing Mechanism in M theory
  Bobby Acharya
  Rutgers University
March 5, 2003 A new topology changing transition in M-Theory
  David Tong
  MIT-Center for Theoretical Physics
March 12, 2003 no seminar to be held
March 19, 2003 Chronology Protection in String Theory
  Lisa Dyson
March 26, 2003 Spring Break no seminar
April 2, 2003 Holography with flavor: conformal and non-conformal examples
  Johanna Erdmenger
  Humboldt University, Berlin
April 9, 2003 A quasinormal test of quantum gravity
  Lubos Motl
April 16, 2003 The Therodynamics of Spacelike Branes
  Alex Maloney
April 23, 2003 Massive IIA string theory and Matrix theory Compactification
  Horatiu Nastase
  Brown University
April 30, 2003 Tachyon condensation and non-trivial NS B-background
  Debashis Ghoshal
  Harish-Chandra Research Institute
May 7, 2003 Variations on a theme by Dijkgraaf-Vafa
  Yang-Hui He
  U Pennsylvania
May 14, 2003 An Orientifold with Fluxes and Branes via T-duality
  Boris Kors
May 21, 2003 Recombination of Intersecting Branes by Local Tachyon Condensation
  Koji Hashimoto
  U of Tokyo
June 2, 2003 Unstable D-branes and Fundamental Strings
  Ashoke Sen
  Chandra Institute, India
June 4, 2003 From Unstable p-brane to (p-1)-branes through Tachyon Condensation
  Yoonbai Kim
  Sungkyunkwan University, Korea