Particle Theory (Research Seminar)

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served

Spring 2003--Organizer:F. Wilczek,R. Jackiw and David Smith

      February 10, 2003        
      Large Distance Gravity and the Cosmological Constant        
      Gregory Gabadadze        
      February 17 2003 no seminar- Holiday        
      February 24, 2003        
      Grand Unification in Higher Dimensions: Flat or Warped?        
      Yasunori Nomura        
      Fermi National Lab        
      March 3, 2003        
      New Supersymmetric Extensions of the Standard Model        
      Neal Weiner        
      University of Washington, Seattle        
      March 10, 2003        
      Inflation and Pseudo-Goldstone bosons        
      Paolo Creminelli        
      March 17, 2003        
      WIMPs and superWIMPS        
      Jonathan Feng        
      UC, Irvine        
      March 24, 2003 no seminar-Spring Break        
      March 31, 2003        
      Coping with misplaced attractions        
      Frank Wilczek        
      April 7, 2003        
      Two Birds with One Stone: Finding the SUSY Higgs in Rare Processes        
      Christopher Kolda        
      Notre Dame        
      April 14, 2003        
      Whither WIMPS - The Search for the Missing Mass of the Universe        
      Richard Gaitskell        
      Brown University        
      April 21 no seminar Patriots Day        
      April 28, 2003        
      G_2 manifolds: on dualities and unificiation        
      Tamar Friedmann        
      May 5, 2003        
      Recent Progress in Precision Perturbative Calculations        
      Zvi Bern        
      May 12, 2003        
      Black Hole Production by Cosmic Rays        
      Al Shapere        
      University of Kentucky        
      May 19, 2003        
      Speed-up through entanglement -- many-body effects in neutrino processes        
      Ray Sawyer        
      UC, Santa Barbara        
      May 26, 2003 Memorial Day no seminar        
      June 2, 2003        
      Cold atomic optical lattices and quantum computation        
      Jiannis Pachos        
      Imperial College,London        
      No more seminars for this semester