Nuclear Theory Seminar

Seminars are held Tuesday at 1:30PM

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers:, Stewart-- Negele, Rajagopal, Donnelly


Spring 2003 Schedule of Talks

Title and Speaker
February 11, 2003 Precision Physics with Inclusive B Decays  
  Christian Bauer
UC, San Diego
February 18, 2003 Fluctuation Induced Critical Behavior at Non-Zero Temperature and Chemical Potential  
  Kim Splittorff  
  SUNY, Stony Brook
February 25, 2003 Elliptic flow and rapid thermalization at RHIC  
  Peter Kolb
  SUNY, Stony Brook  
March 4, 2003 An infrared renormalization group limit cycle in QCD  
  Eric Braaten  
  Ohio State  
March 11, 2003 Precision Electroweak Measurements and Supersymmetry  
  Michael Ramsey-Musolf  
  U Connecticut& Cal Tech  
March 18, 2003 Chiral Perturbation Theory for Staggered Fermions: Theory and Results  
  Claude Bernard  
  Washington University  
March 25, 2003 Spring Break no seminar  
April 1, 2003 QCD thermodynamics at non-vanishing baryon number density  
  Frithjof Karsch  
  Bielfield University
April 8, 2003 Enhanced Nonperturbative Effects in Jet Physics  
  Mark Wise  
  Cal Tech
April 15, 2003 Partially-quenched effective field theories in nuclear physics  
  Martin Savage  
  U Washington  
April 22, 2003 Patroits Day-Holiday no seminar  
April 29, 2003 Gluon Propagator and Magnetic Screening Mass in Non-Equilibrium  
  Gourange Nayak  
May 6, 2003 Sudokov Logarithms and Structure Functions in Quarkonium Decay and Production  
  Sean Fleming  
  Carnegie Mellon  
May 13, 2003 The Unexpected Role of Final-State interactions in QCD  
  Stanley Brodsky  
  SLAC/Stanford/Jefferson Lab  
Wednesday-May 21, 2003 at 4:00PM NOTE: special day at time  
  The pressure of QCD at finite quark chemical potentials  
  Aleksi Vuorinen  
  University of Helsinki  
  No more seminars for this semester