String Lunch Club

Tuesday 12 noon

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: Hanany, Taylor


Spring 2002 Schedule of Talks

February 12 Strings in AdS_3 and the SL(2,R) WZW Model by Maldacena, Ooguri and Son
  Jan Troost
February 28 TBA
  Washington Taylor
March 5 A Gravity Duzl of the Chiral Anomaly
  based on hep-th/0202056 by Klebanov, Ouyang and Witten
  Kazutoshi Ohta
March 12 pp-waves and N=4 Super Yang Mills: A elementary reveiw of hep-th /0202021
  Ian Ellwood
March 19 Moduli stabilization from fluxes based on ``Moduli stabilization from fluxes in a simple IIB orientifold": by Kachru, Schultz and Trivedi hep-th/0201028
  Ansar Fayyazuddin
April 2 Rolling Tachyons and Tachyon Matter
  based on recent papers of Sen
  Barton Zwiebach
May 14 A worldsheet description of planar quantum field theory
  Charles Thorn
  University of Florida