Particle Theory (Research Seminar)

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served at 1:45PM

Organizer: Wilczek, Feng

      February 4, 2002        
      The Weak Mixing Angle from New Physics at a TeV        
      David Kaplan        
      February 11, 2002        
      The light-sheet formulation of the holographic principle: A recent application        
      Raphael Bousso, ITP, UC, Santa Barbara        

      February 15, 2002 -Friday, Special day and time        
      New Probes of Dark Matter and Dark Energy        
      Lawrence Krauss        
      Case Western Reserve University        

February 25, 2002

      March 4, 2002        
      The Cosmological Constant, False Vacua and Axions        
      Steven Barr        
      University of Delaware        
      March 11, 2002        
      Strong-weak coupling duality in low dimensional field theory        
      Ivan Andric        
      Rudjer Boskovic Inst. Croatia        

March 18, 2002

      no seminar held        
      March 25, 2002 Spring Break no seminar        
      April 1, 2002        
      Deconstructing Electroweak Symmetry Breaking        
      Andrew Cohen        
      Boston University and Harvard University        
      April 8, 2002        
      Fermion Masses and Supersymmetry in Five Dimensions        
      Tim Tait        
      Argonne National Lab        
      April 15, 2002        
      Holiday, Patriots Day no seminar        
      April 22, 2002        
      Diluting cosmological constant        
      Gia Dvali        
      New York University        
      April 29, 2002        
      Brane Worlds and Nonconformal Dual Theories        
      Tony Gherghetta        
      University of Minnesota        
      May 6, 2002Last to be held for this academic year.        
      Decoupling the Gravitino and Gravitational Moduli        
      Markus Luty        
      University of Maryland