Nuclear Theory Seminar

Tuesday 2 pm, refreshments served 1:45

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, or Kolker Room (26-414) as noted in schedule
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: Negele, Rajagopal, Donnelly


Spring 2002 Schedule of Talks

Title and Speaker
February 5, 2002 Pion prop[agation near the QCD chiral phase transition 26-414
Misha Stephanov Kolker Room
University of Illinois/Riken
February 12 The quark mass dependence of the nuclear force Seminar Room
  Silas Beane
University of Washington
February 19  Application of the overlap fermion regularization to lattice QCD Seminar Room
  Claudio Rebbi
  Boston University
February 26 Andreev reflection in superconducting QCD 26-414
  Mariuz Sadzikowski Kolker Rm
March 1 SPECIAL Yang-Mills theory in terms of gauge-invariant variables Seminar room
  Dmitri Diakonov  
March 5 Effective Theories of Superdense Matter Seminar Room
  Thomas Schafer  
  SUNY. Stony Brook  
March 12 The Relativistic Advection Diffusion Equation and RHIC Seminar Room
  Derek Teaney  
March 19 Lattice QCD and V_ub, V_cb Kolker Rm
  Andreas Kronfeld  
  Fermi National Laboratory  
March 26 Srping Break no seminar
April 2 Chiral corrections to the nucleon parton distributions Seminar Room
  Jiunn-Wei Chen
  University of Maryland
April 9 Reality Checks for QCD at Finite Density Seminar Room
  Jacobus Verbaarschot  
  SUNY Stony Brook  
April 16 no seminar  
April 23 Proposal for the numberical solution of planar QCD Seminar Room
  Rajamani Narayanan  
  American Physical Society  
April 30 Lattice Studies of Topological Charge and Chiral Symmetry in QCD Seminar RM
  Harry Thacker  
  University of Virginia  
May 7 On spontaenous parity breaking in QCD Kolker Rm
  Xiangdong Ji  
  University of Maryland  
May 14 New Initiatives in the Many-Body Theory of Nuclear Matter Seminar Rm
  Vijay Pandharipaude  
  University of Illinois