String Lunch Club

Tuesday, 12:30 Note new day and time for this semester

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: D.Freedman and N.Constable

September 16, 2003
Organizational meeting
September 23, 2003
Introduction to c=1 Matrix Models
Hong Liu-MIT
September 30, 2003
Black Hole Instabilities thermodynamics and Duality
Sean Hartnoll-Cambridge University
October 7, 2003
String Field Theory and Cosmology
Wati Taylor-MIT
October 14, 2003
More about c=1 matrix models
Ian Elwood-MIT
October 21
Godel Universes, Supertubes and Holography
Bartomeu Fiol-Weizmann Institute
October 28, 2003
Integrability and N=4 SYM
Joe Minahan- U Uppsala/MIT
November 4, 2003
November 11, 2003 Holiday no lunch club
November 18, 2003
November 25, 2003
NIklas Beisert (AEI,Potsdam)