String Seminar

Wednesday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers:Freedman, Taylor, Tong

Fall 2003 Schedule of Talks

September 10th A Hagedorn Transition in weakly coupled Yang Mills
  Shiraz Minwalla
September 17th Mesons in the ads/cft correspondence
  David Mateos
  Perimeter Institute
September 24th Non-Spersymmetric Gauge/Gravity Duals with Flavor
  Ingo Kirsch
  Humboldt University, Berlin
October 1st Matrix Cosmology
  Joanna Karczmarek
October 8th A New Hat for the c=1 Matrix Model
  Igor Klebanov
October 15th Holography and the Cosmic Microwave Background
  Finn Larsen
  U Michigan
October 22nd Fake supergravity and domain wall stability
  Martin Schnabl
October 29th Chiral Gauged Six Dimensional Supergravity: From String Theory to Four Dimensions
  Chris Pope
  Texas A&M
October 31 (Friday) Quantizing String Theory in ADS (5) X S5: Beyond the PP Wave
Special Seminar John Schwarz
  California Institute of Technology
November 5th Kaluza-Klein Monopoles in M-theory
  James Sparks
  Imperial College, London
November 12th G-structures, Fluxes and Calibrations in M-theory
  Dario Martelli
  Imperial College, London
November 19th Quantum Geometry and the Fate of Cosmological Singularities
  Martin Bojowald
  Penn State U