Particle Theory (Research Seminar)

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served

Fall 2003--Organizer:F. Wilczek,R. Jackiw and Tamar Friedmann

      September 15th        
      From Bare to Renormalized Polyakov Loops, and onto Matrix Models, for the Deconfining Phase Transition        
      Robert Pisarski        
      September 22nd        
      September 29th        
      October 6th Special Lattice Seminar        
      Numerical Stochastic Perturbation Theory        
      Francesco Di Renzo        
      U di Parma/INFN        
      October 13th- no seminar Columbus Day Holiday        
      October 20th        
      1. eta Transitions in Heavy Quarkonium Enhanced by the Axial Anomaly.        
      2. Relative Yield of Charged and Neutral B Meson Pairs at the Upsilon (4S) Resonance        
      Mikhail Voloshin        
      U Minnesota        
      October 27th        
      Exploring the 4d Superconformal Zoo        
      Brian Wecht        
      UC San Diego        
      November 3rd        
      Seeking the Truth and Beauty of Single-Top-Quark Production        
      Zack Sullivan        
      Fermi National Lab        
      November 10th        
      The Interpretation of Exotic Baryons        
      Robert L. Jaffe        
      MIT Center for Theoretical Physics        
      November 17th        
      Towards a complete theory of Gamma-Ray Bursts        
      Alvaro De Rujula        
      CERN and Boston University        
      December 1st        
      Leszek Roszkowski        
      Lancaster U-UK        
      December 8th        
      December 15th