Nuclear Theory Seminar

Seminars are held Tuesday at 4:00PM (Note new time starts 9/16/03) for this semester

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers:, I.Stewart, J.Negele, K.Rajagopal,W Donnelly and Y.Schroder


Fall 2003 Schedule of Talks

Title and Speaker
September 9, 2PM Finite-volume Techniques for the low-energy constants of QCD  
today only at 2PM Mikko Laine  
  U Bielefeld  
September 16, 4PM Effective theories of Dense Hadronic Matter  
  Thomas Schaefer  
  North Carolina State  
September 23, 2PM The Observational Appearance of Strange Stars  
Note new time Vladimir Usov  
for this week Weizmann Institute, Israel  
September 30, 4PM A new window on Strange Quark Matter as the gound state matter (and Strange Stars)  
  Vikram Soni  
  New Delhi Physics Lab.  
October 7, 4PM Integrability of long conformal operators  
  Andrei Belitsky  
  U Maryland  
October 14, 4PM The effects of the Polyakov loop dynamics on the chiral phase transition  
  Kenji Fukushima  
  U Tokyo/MIT  
October 21, 4PM

Factorization in color-suppressd

B-->D n decays

  Dan Pirjol  
October 28, 4PM Nuclear Physics and Lattice QCD  
  Silas Beane  
November 4, 4PM Event Shapes and Deep Inelastic Scattering  
  Aneesh Manohar  
November 11 Veteran's Day-Holiday no seminar  
November 18, 4PM TBA  
  Maarten Golterman  
  San Fransicso State U.  
November 25, 4PM CP symmetry andthe strong interactions  
  Michael Creutz  
December 2, 4PM TBA  
  Michal Praszalowicz  
  Jagellonian U  
December 9, 4PM TBA