String Seminar

Wednesday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: Hanany, Taylor, Tong


FAll 2002 Schedule of Talks

September 18 Perturbative String Field Theory and its applications
  Washington Taylor
Septemer 25 A string Theory of Hadrons via a Penrose Limit
  Eric Gimon
October 2 String interactions in the BMN correspondence
  Matthew Headrick
October 9 A Perturbative Window into Non-perturbative Physics
  Cumrun Vafa
October 16 Intersecting branes, holograpy and (de)construction
  Zachary Guralnik
  Humboldt University
October 23 D-branes, Boundary Lineaar Sigma Models and the Derived Category
  Jacques Distler
  University of Texas-Austin
October 30 Superstring Interactions in a pp-wave Background
  Marcus Spradlin
November 6 Inflationary Cosmology in M-theory Moduli Space
  Eric Novak
  Ben-Gurion University
November 13 Ground state degeneracies of many-body systems and the geometry of quiver varieties
  F. Denef
November 20 D-branes in a pp-wave background
  Matthias Gaberdiel
November 27 Strings and branes in large N gauge theories
  Asad Naqvi
  University of Pennsylvania
December 4 Holography Stabilizes the Cosmological Constant
  Scott Thomas
December 11 The Tachyon Matters - an Update on S-branes
  Amanda Peet
  University of Toronto