Particle Theory (Research Seminar)

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served

FALL 2002 --Organizer:F. Wilczek,R. Jackiw and David Smith

      September 30        
      Inventory and Agenda (reprise of ICHE 2002 summary)        
      Frank Wilczek        
      October 7        
      Warped supersymmetric grand unification        
      David Smith        
      October 14 Holiday--no seminar        
      October 21        
      Gravitational Condensate Stars: a Quantum Alternative to Classical Black Holes        
      Emil Mottola        
      Los Alamos National Laboratory        
      October 28        
      Renormalization Group Limit Cycles in Quantum Hamiltonians        
      Ken Wilson        

Ohio State University

      November 4        
      Feynman graphs: combinatorics, numbers and gauge symmetry        
      Dirk Kreimer        
      Boston University        
      November 11 Holiday - no seminar        
      November 18        
      Graded Poisson-Sigma models and 2d dilaton supergravities        
      Wolfgang Kummer        
      ITP- Technische Universitat Wein        
      November 25        
      Calculations in the Light-Cone Representation        
      Gary McCartor        
      Southern Methodist University        
      December 2        
      From AdS/CFT correspondence to hydrodynamics        
      Dam Son        
      INT, U Washington-Seattle        
      December 9        
      Neutrino Oscillations: Experimental Status and Prospects        
      Kate Scholberg