String Lunch Club

Tuesday 12 noon

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: Hanany, Taylor


Fall 2001 Schedule of Talks

Title and Speaker
September 11 TBA
Massimo Bianchi
University of Rome
September 18 Supergravity duals of gauge theories from gauges supergravity in six dimensions
Martin Schvellinger
September 25 Quiver Theories, del Pezzo Surfaces and Mirror Symmetry
Amer Iqbal
University of Texas
October 2 Strings as flux tubes and deconfinement on branes in gauge theories
Motoi Tachibana
October 9 No class No Seminar
October 16  Searching for the fate of the 0B tachyon
Matthew Headrick
Harvard University
October 23 Gravity duals of gauge theories at finite temperature based on hep-th0103022, hep-th0107102 and hep-th0108295
Carlos Nunez
October 30 M-Theory Dynamics on Manifolds of G_2-Holonomy based on Atiyah and Witten Hep-th/0107177
David Tong
November 6 From big Crunch to Big Bang reference:hep-th/0108187 by Khoury, Ovrut, Seiberg, Steinhardt and Turok
Mario Caicedo
November 13  K-theory, Brane Charges, Instantons, etc. based on papers Maldacena, Moore and Seiberg: hep-th0108152 and hep-th0108100
Neil Constable
November 20  Mysteries from Mr. del Pazzo ``A Mysterous Duality" based on paper by Iqbal, Neitzke, Vafa hep/th-0111068
Yang-Hui He
November 27 ``The Geometric Point of View of Dualities" based on paper hep-th/0110028
  Bo Feng
December 4 ``Localized closed string tachyon condensation and RG flows"
  Nicolas Moeller
December 11 ``Closed String Tachyons in ALE Spacetimes" based on paper by Adams, Polchinksi, Silverstein, hep-th 010875
Martin Schnabl