String Seminar

Wednesday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, Building 6, Third Floor Seminar Room, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizers: Hanany, Taylor, Zwiebach


Fall 2001 Schedule of Talks

Title and Speaker
September 26 ``Toric Duality and Seiberg Duality"
Amihay Hanany
October 3 Kinematic sum rules for trace anomalies
Damiano Anselmi
University di Pisa/INFN
October 10 Supersymmetric Fuzzy Funnels and Calibrated Geometry

Neil Constable

October 17 Branes and Metrics of Special Holonomy
Chris Pope
Texas A&M University
October 24 Supersymmetric Brane-Antibrane Configurations
Andreas Karch
October 31 AdS/CFT from a D3/D5-brane System
  Daniel Freedman
November 7 AdS/CFT duality for the rotating D1-D5 system
Oleg Lunin
Ohio State University
November 14  de Sitter Space in Supergravity
Neil Lambert
Rutgers University
November 21 On heterotic orbifolds,M-theory and TypeI' Brane Engineering
Jacob Sonnenschein
Tel Aviv University/IAS
November 28 Geometrical Transitions and Strong Souling Effects in Gauge Theories
Radu Tatar
  Humboldt University
December 5 Giant Gravions in CFT
  Asad Naqvi
  University of Pennsylvania
December 12 ``Observables of String Field Theory"
  Nissan (Sunny) Itzhaki