String/Gravity Theory Seminar

Wednesdays, 2pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: A. Adams and John McGreevy


September 10th
``AdS/CFT for tabletop physics "
Sean Hartnoll, Harvard

September 17th
``Monodromy and the CMB "
Eva Silverstein, Stanford

September 24th
``Non-Geometric Background and Generalized Geometry
in String Theory and M-Theory "
Christopher Hull, Imperial College

October 1st
``Loop amplitudes in maximal supergravity and string theory "
Pierre Vanhove, CEA/Saclay

October 8th
``Dark Matter, Gauge Mediation and CFT's"
Daniel Green, Stanford

October 15th
``Conformal invariance and the weak scale: can the standard model survive all the way to M_Planck? "
Hermann Nicolai , Albert Einstein Institute

October 22nd
``Quantum Gravity at a Lifshitz Point "
Petr Horava , UC, Berkeley

October 29th
``BPS Wall-Crossing and Dimensional Reduction "
Andy Neitzke , Harvard

November 5th Cancelled
Shamit Kachru , Stanford

November 7th Special String Seminar
``Chern Simons matter theories, M2 branes and supergravity "
Juan Maldacena, IAS

November 12th
``Holographic responses of fermion matter "
Andrei Parnachev , Rutgers

November 19th
no seminar

December 3rd
``A countersexample to the a-theorem "
Yuji Tachikawa, IAS

December 10th
``Tachyon actions in string theory: a no-go theorem "
Matthew Headrick , Brandeis


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