Lattice Journal Club 

Schedule for Fall, 2008

Talks will be held in the CTP small seminar room 6-310, 1-2 pm on Tuesdays




Sept 9
John Collins
Lattice Club replaced by Nuclear and Particle Seminar, 2:30 pm
Sept 16
Harvey Meyer
Density, short-range order, and the quark-gluon plasma
Sept 23
Meifeng Lin
Recent nucleon form factor results with mixed and domain wall actions
Sept 30
Jonathan Bratt
Lattice calculation of the transverse spin structure of the nucleon
Oct 7
Kipton Barros
Blasting through lattice calculations using CUDA
Oct 14 Aaron Torok Meson-Baryon scattering using mixed action lattice QCD
Oct 21

Oct 28 Francesco Becattini
Special Seminar 6c-442:  TBA
Nov 4
Rich Brower
Mobius algorithm for domain wall and gapped domain wall fermions
Nov 11 -
Nov 18 Carleton De Tar
Contribution of charm annihilation to charmonium hyperfine splitting
Nov 25 Thomas Blum
The Neutron Electric Dipole Moment
Dec 2

Dec 9
Chris Sachrajda Discussion of Kaon Physics with Chiral Quarks

end of fall semester

Pictures from the annual Columbus Holiday Hikes in New Hampshire are on the following web pages:

Mt. Moosilauke (2002)  Oliver Baer's pictures and  York Schroder's pictures

Mts. Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette (2003)  John Negele's pictures

2004 hike October 9

Cannon Mt (2006)  John Negele's pictures

2008 hike scheduled Oct 11, with Oct 13 rain date.  Postponement due to rain will be announced on this page
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