Jobs Available in the CTP

Apply to the below positions at: Applications should include a CV, a statement of research interests, a list of publications, and the names of three senior physicists who will provide letters of recommendation. MIT is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer. We should receive your completed application, including all letters of recommendation, before December 1, 2013.

High Energy Theoretical Physics Postdoc

The MIT Center for Theoretical Physics hopes to make 3-year postdoctoral appointments in High Energy Theory to begin September 1, 2014. Senior members of our group are: Allan Adams, William Detmold, Edward Farhi, Daniel Freedman, Jeffrey Goldstone, Alan Guth, Aram Harrow, Roman Jackiw, Robert Jaffe, Hong Liu, John Negele, Krishna Rajagopal, Tracy Slatyer, Iain Stewart, Washington Taylor, Jesse Thaler, Frank Wilczek, and Barton Zwiebach. The interests of our group cover all areas of particle physics, phenomenology, quantum field theory, and string theory.

Nuclear Theoretical Physics Postdoc

The nuclear theory group at MIT hopes to have an opening for a postdoc position starting September 1, 2014. The research interests of our group are centered around QCD, with emphases that include lattice gauge theory, chiral perturbation theory, hadron structure, factorization, effective theories, heavy quark physics, jet physics, quark-gluon plasma in QCD and other gauge theories, connections to string theory, and QCD at high density. Our group includes William Detmold, William Donnelly, John Negele, Krishna Rajagopal, Iain Stewart, several postdocs and a large number of visitors. We also interact strongly with our particle theory colleagues, among whom Robert Jaffe, Hong Liu, Jesse Thaler, and Frank Wilczek have particularly strongly overlapping interests.

Quantum Information/Quantum Computing Postdoc

The MIT Center for Theoretical Physics hopes to make a 2-year (extendable to 3 years) postdoctoral appointment in Quantum Information/Quantum Computing to begin September 1, 2014. Senior members of the group include Isaac Chuang, Edward Farhi, Jeffrey Goldstone and Aram Harrow in the Physics department as well as Scott Aaronson, Seth Lloyd and Peter Shor in other departments. The interests of this group covers almost all areas of the field and we seek applicants coming from all areas.

MIT is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion.

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