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String/Gravity Theory Seminar Spring 2018

Organizers: Daniel Harlow, Hong Liu, Nima Lashkari

Wednesday at 3pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442



February 14

Bootstrapping large charge operators

Daniel Jafferis Harvard


February 21

Lorentz invariance from spin 2

Mark Hertzberg Tufts


February 28

Entanglement of Spacetime

William Donnelly Perimeter Institute


March 7

Building an eternal traversible wormhole

Xiaoliang Qi, Stanford


March 14

Entanglement in gauge theories and gravity

Jennifer Lin, IAS


March 21 at 3:30pm*

Topological Defect Lines and RG Flows in 2D

Xi Yin, Harvard

*Note change in start time


April 4

Deep learning and AdS/CFT

Koji Hashimoto Osaka University


April 11

the ABCDEFG of Little Strings

Nathan Haouzi Berkeley


April 19 (Joint Seminar at Harvard)

Higher Spin de Sitter Hilbert Space

Frederik Denef, Columbia

4:15pm at Harvard, Jefferson Lab 250


April 25


Simeon Hellerman, IPMU


May 2

Constraining Gravitational Couplings to Matter and the CFT Stress Tensor

Eric Perlmutter, Caltech


*Condensed Matter Theory Seminar

May 8, 12pm

Late time random matrix behavior in SYK: a tactical retreat from the black hole information problem

Douglas Stanford, IAS


May 16

Comments On Global Anomalies In 6-Dimensional Supergravity

Greg Moore, Rutgers