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String/Gravity Theory Seminar Spring 2017

Organizer: Hong Liu, Washington Taylor, Nima Lashkari

Wednesday, 4:15pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442


February 15 Joint seminar with Harvard held in 6c-442

``Holographic Computational Complexity"

Adam Brown, Stanford


February 22

``Flat space amplitudes in a highest-weight basis: A natural choice for studying implications of superrotations?"

Sabrina Pasterski, Harvard


March 1

``Loops in AdS from conformal field theory."

Agnese Bissi, Harvard


March 9 Joint Harvard seminar held at Harvard (note: Thursday @4:15pm)

``Aspects of the SYK model and gravity in AdS_2"s

Douglas Stanford, IAS


March 15 (Cancelled due to Snow storm)

"p-adic AdS/CFT".

Steve Gubser, Princeton


March 22 no seminar



March 29 no seminar SPRING BREAK


April 5

``Holographic QCD in strong magnetic fields"

Umut Gursoy, ITP, Utrecht


April 12

``Tales from the Edge: Entanglement, trace anomalies, and boundary conformal field theory"

Christopher Herzog, YITP,Stony Brook


April 19

``Applications of light-cone cuts in holography"

Gary Horowitz, UCSB


April 26

``Chow Groups, Fluxes and Massless Matter in F-theory"

Timo Weigand, CERN


May 3

``Twofold Symmetries and Simplification of the Gravity Action"

Grant Remmen, Cal Tech


May 10

``Vertex operator algebras and the Higgs branch of four-dimensional superconformal field theories’'

Leonardo Rastelli, YITP, Stony Brook


May 17

``Duality in 2+1 dimensions."

Nathan Seiberg, IAS