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String/Gravity Theory Seminar Spring 2015

Wednesday, 3:00PM

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: Hong Liu, Barton Zwiebach, Tarek Anous

Spring 2015

February 11

``Bootstrapping Conformal Field Theories"

David Simmons-Duffin, IAS


February 18

``Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFT"

Daniel Harlow, Princeton


February 25

``Supergravity, T-duality and Double Field Theory"

Eric Bergshoeff, U Groningen


March 4

``Trace anomaly on the conformal manifold"

Andreas Stergiou, Yale


March 11

“Generalized indices for N=1 theories in four-dimensions”

Itamar Yaakov, Princeton


March 18

``Exact Solutions for Extreme Black Hole Magnetospheres"

Maria Rodriguez, Harvard


March 25 no seminar Spring Break


April 1

``Geometry from Entanglement in 2d CFT"

Thomas Hartman, Cornell


April 8

``How general is holography?"

Daniel Grumiller, ITP TU Wien


April 15

``Quantum Entanglement of locally perturbed thermal states"

Joan Simon, U Edinburgh


April 22

"The Conformal Bootstrap for Maximally Supersymmetric Theories in Three Dimensions"

Ran Jacoby, Princeton


April 29

"Entwinement, entanglement and spacetime"

Vijay Balasubramanian, U Penn/CUNY


May 6

``Generic and non-generic heterotic string vacua"

llarion Melnikov, Harvard


May 13 (Note time changed to 2:00PM)

``Gravity from entanglement close to a quantum critical point"

Thomas Faulkner, UIUC