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String/Gravity Theory Seminar

Wednesday, 2:15PM NOTE time change

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: John McGreevy, Washington Taylor and Michael Mulligan

February 8th and 15 no String seminars



New Joint Harvard/MIT String seminar held at MIT

February 16, Thursday at 3PM (Note day and time)
"Superconformal index with line and surface operators"

Sergei Gukov, CalTech


Febaruary 22nd

``(2,0) theory and D=5 super Yang-Mills"
Michael Douglas, Simon Ctr, Stony Brook


February 29th

"Nonabelian gauge theories for Calabi-Yau manifolds."
David Morrison,

March 7th
Massive phases of gauge theories and TQFT
Anton Kapustin, CalTech


March 14th
"Fearless orientifolds"

Mboyo Esole, Harvard

March 21st no seminar scheduled

March 28th Spring break no seminar

April 4th

"New SCFTs from M5-branes."

Brian Wecht, Harvard


April 11th

"Quantum-critical current noise in AdS/CFT"

Julian Sonner, Trinity College, UK


New Joint Harvard/MIT seminar held at Harvard
Jefferson Lab 453

April 19th, Thursday, 2:35pm (note change in time)

``AdS/CFT Correlators and the Holographic S-Matrix"

Liam Fitzpatrick, Stanford

April 25th

``Towards the fast scrambling conjecture"

Patrick Hayden, McGill

May 2nd
"Finite N phenomena in higher spin theories"

Alejandra Castro, McGill

May 9th
``Hot Glassy Galaxies"
Dionysios Anninos,


May 17th NOTE THURSDAY AT 2PM (different day and time)

"Towards Friedel Oscillations of Charged Horizons in (One-dimensional) Holographic Liquids."

Nabil Iqbal, Kavli, UCSB

Seminars have ended for this semester, see you in September 2012