Nuclear and Particle Theory Seminar Spring 2012

Mondays, 2:00pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: Roman Jackiw, Iain Stewart, Jesse Thaler, Vicent Mateu

and Keith Rehermann


Wednesday, February 8th (note different day)

``A Dark Matter Puzzle: Piecing Together Clues from Diverse Experiments"
Mariangela Lisanti, Princeton


Thursday, February 9th, 3:00PM (note different day and time)

``The Holographic S-Matrix"
Jared Kaplan, SLAC


Monday, February 13th
``Signatures of Energy Injection in the Cosmic Microwave Background"
Tracy Slatyer, IAS

Tuesday, February 21st (note different day due to Monday Holiday)

``Cosmic clues for dark matter and their implications for a dark matter asymmetry
Kathryn Zurek, University of Michigan

Monday, February 27th

``Ab initio nuclear physics"
William Detmold, College of William & Mary


Monday, March 5th

``Carving out the space of Conformal field Theories"

Alessandro Vichi, UC Berkeley

Monday, March 12th

"Qjets: A Non-Deterministic Approach to Tree-Based
Jet Substructure"

David Krohn, Harvard

Monday, March 19th

``Factorizing Soft Recoil Sensitive Observables"

Ambar Jain, CMU

Monday, March 26th no seminar Spring break

Monday, April 2nd

"But what if it's not a WIMP? Direct detection down to the MeV scale"

Jeremy Mardon, Stanford

Monday, April 9th

``Engineering Holographic Graphene"

Gordon Semenoff, UBC

Monday, April 16th no seminar Patriot's Day


Monday, April 23th

``Warped Flavor - a penguin's perspective"

Monika Blanke, Cornell

Monday, April 30th

``Constraining the initial state granularity in heavy ion collisions"

Hannah Petersen, Duke

Monday, May 7th

``Quark masses, scale setting and lattice thermodynamics"

Zoltan Fodor, University of Wuppertal & Perimeter Institute

Monday, May 14th

``The Hagedorn Spectrum Revisited"

Tom Cohen, University of Maryland

Last seminar of semester, see you in September 2012.