String Lunch Club

Monday, 12-1PM

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

The String Lunch Club is a forum for members of the string theory group (and long-term visitors) to discuss their current work with each other. Talks are informal and usually blackboard. All are welcome to attend

Organizers: Hong Liu and Ian Swanson

January 2009

January 5, Andreas Braun, Heidelberg

February 23, Barton Zwiebach, CTP

``T-duality, doubled spacetime, and effective field theory"

March 2, Vijay Kumar, CTP

``Freedom and constraints in the K3 landscape"

March 9, Joe Minahan, Uppsala U./CTP continued March 16th
``The algebraic Bethe ansatz"

March 30, David Vegh, CTP
``Non-Fermi liquids and holography"

April 13, Brian Swingle, CM
``new ideas of obtaining AdS/CFT using field theory RG and its relation with
holographic computation of entanglement entrophy"


April 27, David Guarrera, CTP
"Non-Linear Sigma Models, Linear Sigma Models, and Heterotic Flux Vacua


May 4, Albion Lawrence, Brandeis

``Insightful D-branes"


May 11, Special String Lunch Club
``Composite Higgs from Warped Strings "
Shamit Kachru, Stanford CANCELLED



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