String/Gravity Theory Seminar

Wednesdays, 2pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: A. Adams and John McGreevy


February 11th
``On the Equivalence of superstring field theories''
Michael Kroyter, MIT/Tel Aviv University


February 18th
``Computational string compactifications"
Robert Karp, Virginia Tech


February 25th
``Acceleration in our past, present, and future"

Leonardo Senatore, IAS

March 4th

"Perturbative super-Yang-Mills and the Topological AdS_5xS^5 String"
Nathan Berkovits, U ESP, Brazil

March 11th
Frederik Denef, Harvard


March 18th
"Quantizing the 't Hooft loop: lessons from S-duality and matrix models"
Takuya Okuda, Perimeter Institute


March 25th Spring Break no seminar


April 3rd, 2:00PM(Friday) this week only
``A holographic perspective opn non-relativistic defects "

Andreas Karch, U Washington

April 9th, 2:00PM (Thursday) this week only
``How conformality is lost: from Efimov's effect to large-Nf chiral phase transition"

Dam T. Son, U Washington

April 15th
``A Conformal Field Theory for Eternal Inflation "
Matthew Kleban, NYU

April 22nd
``The gauge dual of Romans mass "
Alessandro Tomasiello, Harvard



April 29th
``Time Dependent Cosmologies and Their CFT Duals "
Sandi Trivedi, TIFR, TATA

``A hybrid between Chern-Simons and Rozansky-Witten models"
Natalia Saulina, California Institute of Technology

May 20th
"Non-geometric heterotic compactifications"

David Morrison, UCSB




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