Lattice Journal Club 

Schedule for Spring, 2008

Talks will be held in the CTP small seminar room 6-310, 1-2 pm on Fridays




Feb 15
Meifeng Lin Axial charge with domain wall fermions
Feb 22
Harvey Meyer
Mass decomposition of the nucleon
Feb 29
Andrew Pochinsky
QA0 and an optimized inverter for domain wall fermions
Mar 7
Massimiliano Procura Chiral perturbation theory for the nucleon to delta transition
Mar 14
Robert Jaffe
Gluon Spin Basics I
Mar 21
Norman Christ An improved domain wall fermion action
Mar 28
spring vacation
Apr 4
USQCD meeting at JLab
Apr 11
 Robert Jaffe
Gluon Spin Basics II
Apr 18
Eric Poppitz
BU seminar 2pm   Lattice chirality and decoupling of mirror fermions
Apr 25
Bernd Surrow
postponed to 3pm May 2
May 2 Matt Reilly

Bernd Surrow
Special seminar
   12:00   Lunch provided
   12:30   QCD and other applications on SiCortex 5.8 TFs computer
Lattice seminar
 3 pm:  RHIC SPIN measurment of gluon contribution to the nucleon spin
May 9 Andrew Pochinsky 3pm, room 6C 442:  Wilczek-Creutz-Borici chiral fermions

end of spring semester

Pictures from the annual Columbus Holiday Hikes in New Hampshire are on the following web pages:

Mt. Moosilauke (2002)  Oliver Baer's pictures and  York Schroder's pictures

Mts. Little Haystack, Lincoln, and Lafayette (2003)  John Negele's pictures

2004 hike October 9

Cannon Mt (2006)  John Negele's pictures

2007 hike scheduled Oct 6, with Oct 8 rain date.  Postponement due to rain will be announced on this page
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