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Tuesday at 2:45 or 4PM(note time change)

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE25-4th floor
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The String Club is a forum for members of the string theory group (and long-term visitors) to discuss their current work with each other. Talks are informal and usually blackboard. All are welcome to attend. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGES FROM WEEK TO WEEK DUE TO OTHER SEMINARS EVERY THIRD WEEK.


Henriette Elvang and Allan Adams

Spring 2007 schedule of talks

February 13, 2:45PM
Thomas Klose
World Sheet and Integrability

February 20, 4PM
Joseph Minahan
Kappa Symmetry , Part I

February 27, 4PM
Alessandro Torrielli
``Hopf algebras and integrable structures in AdS-CFT"
Abstract: "We will provide an introduction to Hopf algebras, and explain
how they have become relevant for the issue of integrability in AdS-CFT.
After introducing the mathematical notions, an Hopf algebra for the N=4
SYM super-spin-chain will be formulated, and connected developments on the
string theory side will be mentioned."

March 6, 2:45PM
Joseph Minahan
Kappa Symmetry Part II

March 13, 2:45PM
Koji Hashimoto
Holographic QCD and Pion Mass

March 20, 4PM
Yosuke Imamura
Anomalies and exactly marginal deformations in brane tilings

March 27 no talk, Spring Break

April 3, 2:45PM
Bogdan Stefanski
Landau-Lifshitz sigma models and the AdS/CFT correspondence

April 10, 2:45PM
Sanefumi Moriyama
Correspondence between Light-Cone String Field Theory and Matrix String Theory

April 17, 2:45PM
no seminar due to Patriot's day vacation no classes at MIT

April 24, 2:45PM
no seminar this week

*May 2, 2PM (Note different day and time)
Michael Kiermaier"Analytic Solutions in Open String Field Theory"
After a short introduction to the basic concepts of String Field Theory,
the algebraic and geometric insights that recently allowed the explicit
construction of analytic solutions in SFT will be outlined. Then the
solution corresponding to marginal deformations will be derived. It
constitutes the first solution that is not gauge equivalent to a
(perturbative or non-perturbative) vacuum.

May 8, 2:45PM
David Vegh

``Quivers and Shivers "

Brane tilings are useful tools for describing the matter content and superpotential
of quiver gauge theories on a stack of D3-branes probing toric Calabi-Yau singularities.
A brief introduction to tilings is followed by the discussion of more recent results.

Talks are completed until September 2007



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