Nuclear & Particle Theory



Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE 25 4th floor seminar room
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served


R. Jackiw, J. Negele, F. Wilczek and B. Lange,

Spring 2007 schedule of talks

January 29
Piero Nicolini, U Trieste
New black hole solutions of Einstein's equations, inspired by noncommutative geometry

February 5 no seminar Registration day at MIT


February 12
Radovan Dermisek, IAS
Unusual Higgs or SUSY from Natural Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

February 19 Holiday no seminar

February 20, Tuesday at 2PM (Note day)
Taizan Watari, U Tokyo
Yukawa couplings in landscape

February 26
Stefano Profumo, California Institute of Technology
Probing Supersymmetric Baryogenesis:
from Electric Dipole Moments to Neutrino Telescopes.

March 5
Alberto Nicolis, Harvard
Fundamental Barriers in Designing Cosmology

March 12
Natalia Toro, Harvard
MARMOSET: A Path from LHC Data to the New Standard Model

March 19
Philippe de Forcrand, ETH-Zurich and CERN
The phase diagram of QCD at finite temperature and density


March 26 no seminar Spring break

April 2
Dam T Son, INT U Washington
Quantum field theory in graphene

April 9 no seminar this week

April 16 no seminar Holiday

April 23 Note seminar at 3PM this week only
Alfredo Iorio, Charles University of Prague & University of Salerno/INFN
Finding minima of unknown functions: the topology of the Thomson problem

April 30
Janos Polonyi, Louis Pasteur U., Strasbourg
Quantum-classical crossover in electrodynamics

May 7
Paul Romatschke, University of Washington
Viscous Hydrodynamics and RHIC

May 14
Kenji Fukushima, Brookhaven National Lab.
Dense gluon Matter in High Energy QCD


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