string lunch club

Monday at 12:30(note time change)

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE25-4th floor
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The String Lunch Club is a forum for members of the string theory group (and long-term visitors) to discuss their current work with each other. Talks are informal and usually blackboard. All are welcome to attend.


Henriette Elvang and Matt Headrick

Spring 2006 schedule of talks

Tuesday, Janaury 31 (note day)
Standard Model Statistics of a Type II Orientifold
Florian Gmeiner
Max Planck, U Munich

Monday, February 6
Boundary states in open string channel and CFT near corners (hep-th/0512098)
Yosoke Imamura
Tokyo University

Monday, February 13
Black Hole Singularities in Yang-Mills Theories
Guido Festuccia

February 20 holiday no talk

February 27 Note earlier time 12noon starting this week
Dimers Deconstructed
Chris Herzog

March 6
Tilings, Dimers and Quiver Gauge Theories part I
Ami Hanany

March 13
D-branes in Nongeometric Backgrounds Part I
Brian Wecht

March 20
GR beyond 4d
Henriette Elvang

March 27 no talk semester break

April 3, 12:30 note time
Tilings, Dimers and Quiver Gauge Theories part II
Ami Hanany

April 10 cancelled
D-branes in Nongeometric Backgrounds Part II
Brian Wecht

April 17 no talk holiday


April 18 (very special)
SIM(2), CP, SUSY, and Gravity
Dan Freedman

April 24
Checks of the AdS/CFT Correspondence for quiver gauge theories
Agostino Butti
U di Milano-Bicocca

May 1
Phases of q-deformed Yang-Mills, Chern-Simons, and topological strings
Nicola Caporaso
U Florence


May 8
D-branes in Nongeometric Backgrounds Part II
Brian Wecht

May 15
An introduction to string theory surface states
Barton Zwiebach


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