string gravity

Wednesday at 2:00pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, NE25
4th floor seminar room, 5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Dan Freedman, Brian Wecht


Spring 2006 schedule of talks

Monday, January 30, 2:00PM ( note day)

Gauge theory, mirror symmetry and geometric Langlands duality

Anton Kapustin
Cal Tech


February 1,
Pure Spinor formalism as an N=2 Topological String
Nathan Berkovits

IFT, Sao Paulo

February 8, no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

February 16, Thursday (note day)

D-branes in non-critical superstrings

Jan Troost


February 22 no seminar Holiday


March 1 no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

March 8
From AdS3/CFT2 to Black Hole/Topological String
Xi Yin

March 15
Pure Spinor Type Covariant Quantization of Superbranes
Yoichi Kazama
U Tokyo

March 22 no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

March 29 no seminar Spring break

April 5
Dynamical SUSY Breaking in Meta-Stable Vacua
Ken Intriligator

UC, San Diego/IAS

April 12 no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

April 14, Friday (note day and time) 3:00PM
Gauge Theories, Strings and Cosmology
Igor Klebanov

April 19
D terms from D-branes, Gauge Invariance and Moduli Stabilization in flux Compactifications
Giovanni Villadoro

April 26
Black Rings, Geometric Transitions and Black Hole Microstates
Iosif Bena


May 3 note special time 4:30PM
Ghost D-branes
Takuya Okuda


May 10
On the origin of gravatational thermodynamics
Joan Simon
U Pennsylvania

May 17
Conformal frames and algebraic structures in string field theory
Leonardo Rastelli
YITP, StonyBrook

End of semester.







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