Nuclear & Particle Theory

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE 25 4th floor seminar room
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served


R. Jackiw, I. Stewart, F. Wilczek and B. Lange,

Spring 2006 schedule of talks

January 23, 2006
``Surface Divergences and Boundary Energies in the Casimir Effect"
Kim Milton
Washington University
February 6
Black Holes, Black Rings and Beyond
David Mateos
UC, Santa Barbara

February 13
Factorization in B decays from the soft-collinear effective theory
Dan Pirjol

Febraury 20 Holiday no seminar
February 21 (note day and time)
Viewing Lepton Mixing Through the Cabbibo Haze
Lisa Everett
University of Florida

February 27
Strong CP violation in hot QCD: from heavy ion collisions to cosmology
Dmitri Kharzeev
Brookhaven National Lab

March 6
Limit on a cosmological vector background
Alejandro Jenkins
Cal Tech

March 13
In search of particle dark matter
Dan Hooper
Fermi National Lab

March 20
Higgs production with heavy quarks at hadron colliders
Laura Reina
Florida State University
March 27 no seminar semester break

April 3 seminar canceled

April 10
Physics of the D=5 Chern-Simon Term
Christopher Hill
Fermi National Lab

April 17 Holiday no seminar Patriot's Day

April 24
Black Hole Effective Field Theories
Ira Rothstein
Carnegie Mellon University

May 1
Possible and Impossible in Effective Field Theory
Nima Arkani-Hamed

May 8
Quantum computation and anyons
Alexei Kitaev
Cal Tech

May 15 will start at 1:45PM due to meeting after
New results in Non-Relativistic QCD
Pedro Ruiz-Femenia
Max Planck IP
May 16 Note Tuesday at 2PM
Recent results in Color Superconductivity
Giuseppe Nardulli
University of Bari
May 22
Bulk-Brane Duality in Field Theory
Misha Shifman
U Minnesota
















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