Nuclear & Particle Theory

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, building 6
3rd floor seminar room
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served


F. Wilczek,R. Jackiw, T. Friedmann, K. Orginos and Dan Pirjol

Spring 2005 schedule of talks

January 24

Lattice chiral gauge theories
Yigal Shamir
University of Tel Aviv

January 31

High precision QCD at hadron colliders: new techniques and results for perturbative calculations
Frank Petriello
Johns Hopkins University

February 7

Fermion Masses, Neutrino Oscillations and SUSY Grand Unification
Mu-Chun Chen
Brookhaven National Laboratory

February 14

Nucleons on the Lattice
Kostas Orginos
MIT, Center for Theoretical Physics

February 21 Holiday

no seminar

February 22- Tuesday: special day

Resonant Relaxation in Electroweak Baryogenesis
Vincenzo Cirigliano
California Institute of Technology

February 28

A non perturbative formulation of the Witten-Veneziano mechanism: solution to the U_A (1) problem in QCD
Leonardo Giusti
CERN and Marseilles

March 7

The Cosmology of Split Supersymmetry
Aaron Pierce

March 14

Spin-orbit interactions, Chern-Simons forms and quantum criticality
George Chapline

March 21

Semester Break- no seminar


March 28

An obstacle to describing a universe in the laboratory
Raphael Bousso

April 4

SU_3 x SU_2 x U_1 and SU_5 from first principles
Victor Kac
MIT, Math Department


April 11

Wave equations for non-relativistic anyons
Peter Horvathy
University of Tours

April 18 Holiday no seminar

April 25

Determining V(ub) with exclusive B decays
Ben Grinstein
UC-San Diego


May 2

Nuclear interactions from the renormalization group
Achim Schwenk
Indiana University


May 9

Heavy Quark Physics in 2+1 Flavor Lattice QCD
Andreas Kronfeld














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