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String/Gravity Theory Seminar Fall 2016

Organizer: Hong Liu, Washington Taylor, Nima Lashkari

Wednesday, 3:00PM

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442


September 14

Michal Heller, Perimeter Institute

``Entanglement, holography and causal diamonds"


September 21

David Morrison, UC Santa Barbara

``Little string theories and their compactifications."


September 29 Joint talk at Harvard (Note Thursday at 4:15PM)

Tom Faulkner, U Illinois

“Constraints on QFT from shape dependence of entanglement"


October 5

Mark Mezei, Princeton

``Entanglement growth in quantum quenches"

October 12

Amos Yarom, Technion, Israel

`` A macroscopic manifestation of anomalies"


October 19

Andrea Puhm, Harvard

``Quantum Tunneling and Black Hole Horizons"


October 26

Senthil Todadri, MIT-CMT

``A duality web in three dimension and condensed matter physics"


November 2

Chris Beasley, Northeastern

"Anomalies and Holomorphy in Supersymmetric Chern-Simons-Matter Theories"


November 9

Sasha Zhiboedov, Harvard

“Bootstrapping Massive Higher Spins”


November 16

Xi Dong, IAS

``Entanglement, Gravity and Bulk Reconstruction"


November 23 no seminar scheduled due to Thanksgiving holiday

November 30-Joint Harvard seminar here in CTP

Ashoke Sen, MRI, India

`Developments in Superstring Field Theory'


December 7

Tom Rudelius, Harvard

``Recent Results on the Weak Gravity Conjecture"


December 14

Djordje Radiceuic, Perimeter Institute

"Quantum Mechanics in the Infrared."