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String/Gravity Theory Seminar Fall 2014

Wednesday, 3:00PM

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: Hong Liu, Barton Zwiebach, Tarek Anous

Fall 2014

September 10

``Renyi entropy, stationarity, and entanglement of the conformal scalar"

Benjamin Safdi, MIT


September 17
``Causality Constraints on Corrections to the Graviton Three-Point Coupling"

Alexander Zhiboedov, Harvard


September 24

"4d N=2 BPS quivers and the absence of exotics conjecture"

Michele Del Zotto, Harvard


October 1

``Black holes and the butterfly effect"

Douglas Stanford, IAS


October 8

``Quantum Extremal Surfaces: Holographic Entanglement Entropy beyond the Classical Regime"

Aron Wall, IAS


October 15

"Entanglement, MERA and modular Hamiltonians"

Wilke van der Schee, MIT

October 22

“Deformations of Superconformal Field Theories”

Thomas Dumitrescu, Harvard


October 29

``"Cosmological Collider physics"

Juan Maldacena, IAS

November 5 (cancelled due to illness)

``The accelerated string in Anti-de Sitter space"

David Vegh, IAS


November 12

: "Mock modular Mathieu moonshine and K3 surfaces"

Sarah Harrison, Harvard


November 19

"Invariants in the higher-spin theory"

Mikhail Vasiliev, Lebedev PI, Moscow


November 25, (Tuesday) 4PM (Note Special day and time due to Thanksgiving Holiday)

“Heterotic Standard Models and Hypercharge Flux”

Lara Anderson, Virignia Tech


December 3 Joint with Harvard. NOTE: time change to 3:30PM (this week only)
“AGT and Triality

Mina Aganagic, University of California, Berkeley



"Holography of N=2* and N=1* gauge theories"

Henriette Elvang, University of Michigan