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String/Gravity Theory Seminar

Wednesday, 2:15PM NOTE time change

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: Hong Liu, Barton Zwiebach and Michael Mulligan


September 14th
Matrix models, Einstein spaces, and the F-theorem
Silviu Pufu, MIT-CTP


September 21st no seminar scheduled


September 29th Joint Harvard/MIT String seminar held at Harvard 4:15PM
Greg Moore, Rutgers

October 5th
An alternative approach to holographic superfluids
Umut Gursoy, CERN


October 12th
Instantons and Emergent Gravity
Herman Verlinde, Princeton


October 19th
Disordered Holographic Systems
Sho Yaida, MIT-CTP


October 26th Joint Harvard/MIT String seminar held at CTP 2:15PM
Prying the CFT from the AdS boundary
Idse Heemskerk, UCSB


November 2nd
Counting Degrees of Freedom in 3-d CFT
Igor Klebanov, Princeton and IAS

November 9th
Open-Closed String Correspondence and Homotopy Algebras
Ivo Sachs, Harvard


November 16th
Thermodynamics and Instabilities of a Strongly Coupled Anisotropic Plasma
David Mateos, ICDR

November 23rd no seminar due to Thanksgiving break

November 30th(Note: held in Ayasil Conference Room 6-310 this week only )
Flux Tubes, Integrability and the S-matrix of N=4 SYM
Amit Sever, Perimeter Institute

December 8th Joint Harvard/MIT String seminar held at Harvard 4:15PM
Black holes, quantum information and unitary evolution
Steve Giddings, UCSB (visiting MIT but seminar at Harvard)


Completed for this semester, will resume in February 2012