String/Gravity Theory Seminar

Wednesdays, 2pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Organizers: Hong Liu and Henriette Elvang

Schedule (Fall 2007)
  • Wednesday, 9/12, 2pm
    Simplifying DSB and dS
    Eva Silverstein (Stanford)
  • Wednesday, 9/19, 2pm
    Black holes, modular forms and marginal stability
    Ashoke Sen (MRI)
  • Wednesday, 9/26, 2pm
    Generalized (non)-geometric flux vacua
    Mariana Grana (CEA/Saclay)
  • Wednesday, 10/3
    Stringy instanton effects in Type II orientifold
    Timo Weigand (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Wednesday, 10/10, 2pm Held in 26-100
    More On Three-Dimensional Gravity
    Edward Witten (IAS)
  • Wednesday, 10/17, 2pm
    Entanglement Entropy from AdS/CFT
    Tadashi Takayanagi (U Kyoto & Harvard)
  • Wednesday, 10/24, 2pm
    Free Fermions, Topological Strings and 3d Gravity
    Cumrun Vafa, Harvard
  • Wednesday, 10/31, 2pm
    D-brane deconstructions in 11B orientifolds
    Frederik Denef, Harvard
  • Wednesday, 11/7, 2pm
    Warped String Compactifications: Signatures and Effective Theory
    Gary Shiu (University of Wisconsin)
  • Wednesday, 11/14, 2pm
    Pseudo-Chern-Simons terms in the Standard Model, with applications
    Jeff Harvey (University of Chicago)
  • Wednesday, 11/21, 2pm
    no seminar
  • Wednesday, 11/28, 2pm
    amplitudes via AdS/CFT
    Fernando Alday (University of Utrecht)
  • Wednesday, 12/5, 2pm
    High-energy scattering and locality: gravity and strings
    Steven Giddings (UCSB)
  • Thursday, 12/13, 2pm Reschedule note day and time
    Oliver Dewolfe (University of Colorado)

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