Nuclear and Particle Theory Seminar

Mondays, 2pm

MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Cosman Seminar room 6C-442

Refreshments will be served

Organizers: R. Jackiw, I. Stewart and Alejandro Jenkins

Schedule (Fall 2007)
  • Monday, 9/10, 2pm
    Was Einstein Wrong? Astrophysical tests of effective quantum gravity
    Nico Yunes (Penn State University)
  • Monday, 9/17, 2pm
    Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of Fluids
    Jiunn-Wei Chen (MIT-CTP)
  • Monday, 9/24, 2pm
    Towards the baryon spectrum using lattice QCD
    Colin Morningstar (Carnegie Mellon University)
  • Monday, 10/1, 2pm
    Unparticle Physics
    Howard Georgi (Harvard)
  • Monday, 10/8
    Columbus Day – no seminar
  • Monday, 10/15, 2pm
    Light Scalar at the LHC: the Higgs or the Dilaton?
    Witold Skiba (Yale University)
  • Monday, 10/22, 2pm
    Is N=8 supergravity finite?
    Lance Dixon (Stanford)
  • Monday, 10/29, 2pm
    LHC^{-1} = ILC? (Can the ILC solve the LHC inverse problem?)
    Carola Berger (MIT-CTP)
  • Monday, 11/5, 2pm
    Nuclear forces on the Lattice and orbifold boundary conditions
    Paulo Bedaque (University of Maryland)
  • Monday, 11/12
    Veterans' Day – no seminar
  • Tuesday, 11/13, 9:30am (note special day & time)
    Fermions at unitarity as a nonrelativistic conformal field theory

    Yusuke Nishida (University of Washington)
  • Monday, 11/19, 2pm
    Lee-Wick Standard Model
    Donal O'Connell (IAS)
  • Monday, 11/26, 2pm (NOTE: talk in Ayasli Conference Room 6-310 this week)
    Asymptotic safety
    Roberto Percacci (SISSA/INFN)
  • Monday, 12/3, 2pm
    Heavy Quark Physics in AdS_5
    Derek Teaney (SUNY, Stony BRook)
  • Monday, 12/10, 2pm
    Ultrocold Fermionic Atoms in One Dimension
    Wilhelm Zwerger, TU-Munich/MIT

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