string lunch club

Tuesday at 12:30(note time change)

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE25-4th floor
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The String Lunch Club is a forum for members of the string theory group (and long-term visitors) to discuss their current work with each other. Talks are informal and usually blackboard. All are welcome to attend.


Henriette Elvang and Allan Adams

FAll 2006 schedule of talks

September 19
The tachyon vacuum in general gauges
Barton Zwiebach

September 26 Note now at 12:30PM
Holography of Wilson loops with local operator insertions
Tamiaki Yoneya

October 3
The landscape of intersecting brane models
Washington Taylor

October 10
The phases of the D1-D5 system---towards understanding
blackring microscopics
Masaki Shigemori
Cal Tech

October 17
Ricci flow and black holes
Matt Headrick

October 24
Holography and renormalization in Lorentzian signature
Amit Sever

October 31

The arrow of time, black holes, and quantum mixing of large N Yang-Mills theories.
Guido Festuccia

November 7
From Fake Supergravity to Superstars
Dan Freedman

November 14
Linear Models for Fu-Yau/Flux-Vacua
Joshua Lapan, Harvard

November 21 (Thanksgiving week)
no seminar

November 28
New dimensions for wound strings
John McGreevy

December 5
Kaluza-Klein reduction of conformally flat spaces
Daniel Grumiller

December 12
Hagedorn divergences and tachion potential
Mauro Brigante


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