Special Seminars

Fall 2006

All special seminars will be in the CTP Seminar Room, Building NE25, room 4-107, unless otherwise specified.

Please note that the date and times of the CTP special seminars vary.

Tuesday, November 7, 4:15PM

"Predicting Protein Folding Pathways from Quantum Path Integrals" Pietro Faccioli ,
University of Trenton/INFN

Friday, November 17, 2:00PM

"Flying Saucer" solitons in supersymmetric Yang-Mills
Misha Shifman
University of Minnesota

Tuesday, November 28, 4:15PM

"A method form simulating SO(N) scalar theories at finite density"
Michael Endres
University of Washington


Wednesday, November 29, 4:30PM

"Heavy Quark Masses and the Top Threshold "
Andre Hoang
Max Planck Institute


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