friday Lunch Club

Fall 2006 schedule of talks

Fridays, 11:50a.m - 1:00pm. Pizza will be delivered early


Center for Theoretical Physics, building NE25
4th floor, CTP seminar room 4-107
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Vijay Kumar and Wouter Waalewijn

The CTP Lunch Club meets at 12 noon in the CTP seminar room every Friday (provided that there are sufficient speakers). A light lunch will be provided begining at 11:50am (usually pizza, however some other options may be explored).

The seminars are designed for graduate students and should be accessible to all students. First year students are particularly encouraged to attend so that they may learn about research being performed in the CTP.

Workshops are aimed at teaching students about particular areas of research rather than presenting cutting edge research. The goal is learning, and to encourage participation, faculty are asked not to attend the workshop portion of these seminars.

Email notification of the club will be sent to the ctp-all, ctp-postdocs and ctp-students email lists as appropriate.

If you wish to speak, or have suggestions about speakers and/or possible workshop topics, please contact the organizer listed above.

September 15

The Crystallography of Three-Flavor Quark Matter
Rishi Sharma

September 22

Superfluids with Asymmetric Spin Populations
Massimo Mannarelli

September 29

The Hopf Algebra of the AdS/CFT S-Matrix
Alessandro Torrielli

October 6

Positivity in Effective Theories
Alejandro Jenkins

October 13

Introduction to black holes in higher-dimensions
Henriette Elvang

October 20

Evolving black holes and the growth of horizons
Dr. Alex Nielsen

October 27

Ruminations of a Centenarian
Dr. Laszlo Tisza
Professor Emeritus, Physics, MIT

November 3

Classical, Semi-classical and Virtual Black Holes in 2-Dimensions
Daniel Grumller

November 17

Application of Group Theoretical Methods to Partial Differential Equations
Alex Hariton

December 1

Hijacking LIGO: Using gravitational wave detectors to find modifications of gravity and dark matter in the solar system.
Allen Adams

December 8

Color-superconductivity from a Dyson-Schwinger perspective
Dominik Nickel
Institut Fur Kernphysik



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