Joint Theory Seminar

Fall 2006

Wednesday 4:30 pm, refreshments served at 4:00 pm

The Joint Theory Seminar is run in cooperation with Harvard and Boston University. The location is rotated among these three schools and thus is held every third week at MIT:
Center for Theoretical Physics, NE25, Fourth Floor Seminar Room, 5 Cambridge
Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Organizer: Professor Robert Jaffe and Barton Zwiebach

September 13, 2006
``Closed string tachyons and dimensional reduction "
Oren Bergman
Technion University


October 4, 2006
``Landscape Predictions for Higgs Boson and Top Quark Masses"
Lawrence Hall
University of California, Berkeley, LBNL


October 25, 2006
``Geometrically Induced Metastable Vacua"
Cumrun Vafa


November 15, 2006
"Improving Event Generators with Effective Theories"
Christian Bauer


December 13, 2006
``Predictions in the landscape"
Raphael Bousso
UC, Berkeley




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