string gravity

Wednesday at 2:00pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, NE25
4th floor seminar room, 5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Seminars will beheld on Wednesday when there is no Joint Theory Seminar scheduled in the CTP)


Hong Liu , Brian Wecht


Fall 2006 schedule of talks

September 20
Dressing the Giant Magnon
Marcus Spradlin

Brown University


September 27
Split Polar Attractors
Gregory Moore
Rutgers University

October 4- no seminar due to JT seminar

October 11
Partition functions and elliptic genera from supergravity

Finn Larsen

University of Michigan

October 18,
Quantum mechanics and classical spacetimes
Vijay Balasubramanian

University of Pennsylvania


October 19, String/Gravity Seminar(extra)
D-branes down the throat and duality in N=a gauge theories with flavor

Sameer Murthy



October 25-no seminar due to JT seminar


November 1
Liouville theory, modular forms and elliptic genera
Tohru Eguchi
U Toyko/Princeton

November 8
Non-perturbative Couplings of String Vacua--Intersecting D-brane Story
Mirjam Cvetic
University of Pennsylvania

November 15 - no seminar due to JT seminar

November 22 no seminar due to Thanskgiving Holiday

November 29
Holographic Description of NOnlocal Operators in Gauge Theory

Jaume Gomis

Perimeter Institute

December 6
Localization for Wilson Loops in Chern-Simons Theory
Chris Beasley

December 13 -no seminar due to JT seminar







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