Nuclear & Particle Theory

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE 25 4th floor seminar room
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served


R. Jackiw, J. Negele, F. Wilczek and B. Lange,

Fall 2006 schedule of talks

September 11, 12:00 noon (time change this week only)
``Testing AdS/CFT at String Loops"
Gianluca Grignani
Perugia University

September 18
``Bethe ansatz techniques in N=2 SYM and DLCQ strings "
Valentina Forini
Trento University

September 25
no seminar Student's Holiday

October 2
``Nucleon properties: from lattice QCD to the chiral limit"
Massimiliano Procura
University of Munich

Ocotber 9
no seminar Columbus Day

October 16
``Strings, black hole and relativistic heavy ion collisions "
Hong Liu

October 23
``Determining the fundamental parameters of QCD on the lattice"
Harvey Meyer

October 30
``Singularities and Mode Factorization in Field Theories"
Iain Stewart

November 6
``How can AdS/CFT be useful for heavy-ion physics? "
Pavel Kovtun
UC, Santa Barbara

November 13
``Enhanced Non-local Power Corrections to the B->X_s+gamma Decay Rate"
Gil Paz
Institute for Advanced Studies

November 20
``Threshold resummation in momentum space from effective theory"
Thomas Becher
Fermi National Lab.

November 27
Hadron physics from lattice QCD
William Detmold
U Washington

December 4
The order of the T\neg 0 QCD transition and its transition temperature
Zoltan Fodor
Wuppertal U. and Eotvos U.

December 11
Ring Structures, Jets and Accretion in High Energy Astrophysics: Basic Nonlinear Theory
Bruno Coppi
















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