Special Seminars

Fall 2005

All special seminars will be in the CTP Seminar Room, Building NE25, room 4-107, unless otherwise specified.

Please note that the date and times of the CTP special seminars vary.

December 1, 2:30PM

Chiral Effective Theories for Lattice QCD
Andre Walker-Loud
University of Washington

December 7, 3:30pm

The problem of confinement in lattice gauge theory
(Ref: hep-lat/0510013)
Michele Pepe
ITP, University of Bern

December 8, 2:00PM

Gluinos is Split Supersymmetry
Jay Wacker

December 19, 2:00PM

Ads/CFT and Cosmology
Alex Maloney

December 20, 2:00PM

Fixing all moduli: A look at non-perturbative superpotentials
Susanne Reffert
Humboldt University, Berlin

December 21, 2:00PM

A Talk about Nothing
John McGreevy



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