string gravity

Wednesday at 2:00pm

Center for Theoretical Physics, NE25
4th floor seminar room, 5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Dan Freedman, Brian Wecht


Fall 2005 schedule of talks

September 14, 2PM
Black Holes, Black Rings and Topological Strings
Andrew Strominger

September 21, 2PM
no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

September 28, 2PM
Black holes and plasma-balls in large N gauge theory
Toby Wiseman


October 5, 2PM
Compactifications on Generalized Geometries
Jan Louis

October 12,
no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

October 19, 2PM
What is the phase structure of N=4 SYM theory?
Sean Hartnoll
U Cambridge, DAMTP

October 26, 2PM
Twistor String Theory and Yang-Mills Amplitudes
Anastasia Volovich

November 2,
no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

November 9, 2PM
Circular loops operators in conformal field theories
Nadav Drukker
Niels Bohr Institute

November 16, 3PM (note special time this week only)
Topological rings and heterotic strings
Allan Adams

November 23,
no seminar due to Thanksgiving

November 30,
no seminar due to Joint Theory seminar

December 7, 2PM
Transport properties of strongly coupled gauge theories
Andrei Starinets
Perimeter Institute

December 20, 2PM Tuesday
Fixing all moduli: A look at non-perturbative superpotentials
Susanne Reffert
Humboldt University, Berlin







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