Nuclear & Particle Theory

Monday 2 pm

Center for Theoretical Physics,
NE 25 4th floor seminar room
5 Cambridge Center
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Refreshments will be served


R. Jackiw, I. Stewart, F. Wilczek and B. Lange,

Fall 2005 schedule of talks

September 12, 2PM
``QCD Resummation in the Effective Theory"
Feng Yuan
Brookhaven National Laboratory

September 19, 2PM
no seminar scheduled

September 26, 2PM
``Entanglement generation for two independent systems in a common bath"
Roberto Floreanini
U Trieste/INFN

October 3, 2PM
``Quantum actions and energies on the worldline"
Holger Gies
University of Heidelberg

October 10-Holiday no seminar

October 17, 2PM
``Experimental evidences for a preferred frame from ether-drift experiments"
Maurizio Consoli
University of Catania/INFN

October 24, 2PM
``Recent Results from Unquenched Lattice QCD"
Shigemitsu Junko
Ohio State University
October 31, 2PM
``Effective Boundary Field Theories for Superconducting Quantum Devices"
Pasquale Sodano
University of Perugia/INFN

November 7, 2PM
``Grassmannians, Dualities and Spin-Charge Separation in Yang-Mills"
Antti Niemi
University of Uppsala

November 14, 2PM
``Relaxing to Three Dimensions"
Lisa Randall
Harvard University

November 21, 2PM
``Factorization, NRQCD and quarkonium production"
George Sterman
SUNY, StonyBrook

November 28, 2PM
``2 dimensional dynamics of Wilson loops in 4-dimensional Yang-Mills theories"
Frieder Lenz
U Nurenberg-Erlanger

December 5, 2PM
``Pentaquark baryon in anisotropic Lattice QCD"
Takumi Doi
Brookhaven National Lab

Tuesday, December 6, 4PM (note day and time)
``Observing dark energy via neutrino detectors"
Gilad Perez
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

December 12, 2PM
``Gauge Theories and Gravity on Noncommutative"
Xavier Calmet
Brussel University
December 19 no seminar finals week















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