Graduate Lunch Club


Fridays, 12:00pm - 1:00pm


Center for Theoretical Physics, building 6
3rd floor seminar room
Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Chris Arnesen and Jessie Shelton

The CTP Lunch Club meets at 12 noon in the CTP seminar room every Friday (provided that there are sufficient speakers). A light lunch will be provided (usually pizza, however some other options may be explored this term).

The seminars are designed for graduate students and should be accessible to all students. First year students are particularly encouraged to attend so that they may learn about research being performed in the CTP.

Workshops are aimed at teaching students about particular areas of research rather than presenting cutting edge research. The goal is learning, and to encourage participation, faculty are asked not to attend the workshop portion of these seminars (which will start at about 12:15pm, after people have eaten some lunch).

Email notification of the club will be sent to the ctp-all, ctp-postdocs and ctp-students email lists as appropriate.

If you wish to speak, or have suggestions about speakers and/or possible workshop topics, please contact the organizer listed above.

Fall 2004 schedule of talks

September 17

Tachyons in String Theory
Matt Headrick

October 1

Random waves, nodal lines and QFT
Antonello Scardiccio

October 8

String Field Theory Chronicle
Yuji Okawa

October 15

"Implications of the Present Bound
on the Width of the Θ+(1540)"

Ambar Jain

October 22

A Hot Water Bottle for Aging Neutron Stars
Chris Kouvaris

October 29

CFTs, Marginal Boundary Deformations, and SU(2)
Jessie Shelton


November 5

Inclusive B-decays and |Vub|
Bjorn Lange


November 12

Guido Festuccia


November 19

Diquark Effective Theory and Exotic Hadrons
Deog -Ki Hong


December 3

Einstein, Weyl and Dark Energy
Serkan Cabi


December 10

Towards a c-theorem in Four Dimensions
Brian Wecht




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